How Long Should I Boil Barbeque Ribs?

Boiling barbecue ribs is a bad idea. If you boil it, a lot of the flavor will be lost. This is actually the number one lesson those new to barbecuing should learn.

Why Boiling is Bad for BBQ

It’s easy to understand why people want to boil ribs. It tenderizes the meat and makes cooking easier. But the trade off is losing its natural taste. You’ll end up with a bland tasting meat and no amount of sauces can remedy this situation. True, boiling helps the meat come off the bone. But the loss of flavor makes it impractical.

Dry Roasting

Rather than boiling barbecue ribs, roasting is a better option. Set the temperature low (250 to 300). Don’t try roasting below 250. Doing so will dry the meat. If you go above 300, it will get too hot. It will be difficult to tenderize the meat.

By keeping the heat between 250 and 300, the barbecue will soften just right. The key here is the collagen will transform into gelatin. It’s also a good idea to remove the silver skin. You can’t eat it and marinade doesn’t seep through it. Use a knife to cut a small part. You can remove the rest using your hands.

Seasoning Tips

Seasoning adds more flavor than boiling barbecue ribs. For the best flavor, rub or season the ribs the night prior to cooking. You can use whatever spices or herbs you have in mind. The point is to give the ribs enough time to soak in the flavor. Adding the seasonings on the same day won’t give it enough time to absorb the flavor.

Smoky Heat Helps

The more smoke there is, the better the taste will be. What’s important is you don’t cook too near the heat source. You can use a pizza oven or another source. It doesn’t matter as long as there’s smoke, low and even heat. If you’re using a pizza oven, use some charcoal with fruit tree wood. You can also use wood chips on a gas barbecue.

Adding the Sauce

Rather than boiling barbecue ribs, add some sauce to increase the flavor. Apply the sauce when the meat is cooked. When the ribs are cooked, pour in the mix. Turn the grill temp to medium. Grill the
sauced meat for a few minutes.

The sauce can consist of anything you like. You can buy a ready made BBQ sauce from the store. Or you can mix one up. You can combine salsa and ketchup for a spicy concoction. Others like to use garlic, paprika and vinegar. You can also use pepper or virgin olive oil.

The same flexibility is afforded when rubbing or marinating. Any of the abovementioned ingredients can be used too. Again you don’t have to make any yourself. There are plenty available in stores.

The bottom line:
there are lots of ways to cook and flavor, but boiling barbecue ribs isn’t the answer. Just be a little patient with roasting, and it will pay off.