How Long Should I Cook a 10 Pound Ham?

The time for cooking ham (10 lbs) is about 3 to 4 hours at 160 F. The Honey Baked variants are cooked already. For baked ham the figure is about 10 minutes for every pound.

Removing Rind and Saltiness

There’s some rind left after cooking. To get rid of this, just cut the rind lengthwise before cooking. Start cooking it with the rind facing down. Take the rind off afterwards and it’ll come off with ease.

For country hams, its best if you immerse them in water prior to cooking. It helps in removing excessive saltiness. After you are done cooking ham, cut them into thin slices. This is most applicable for country hams as they are among the most flavorful. To avoid problems when cutting, let the ham cool down first.

It’s also not a good idea to immerse the ham in its juices when cooking. The meat is flavorful already. Soaking it in juices will make it saltier.

Suggestions for Roasting and Baking

Glazing adds an extra flavor and texture to the ham. For best results, apply it during the last half hour of cooking. It’s a good idea to bake at 130 F. For some tasty glaze, use some brown sugar, honey mustard and soy sauce. Add some ginger and also cloves. A tablespoon or two of each should be just right. If needed, add or reduce the amount.

To maintain the flavor, always keep the roasting temperature above 200 F. The appropriate roasting / baking times depend on the type you buy. Read the instructions for cooking ham first.

Using Utensils and Allocating Space

To open a can, immerse it in hot water for a couple of minutes. This should make it easier to take canned ham out. Don’t use a knife or fork for turning the meat over when cooking. This will cause the juices to flow out. A spatula is the best option.

It’s also important that you give each ham plenty of space to cook. Don’t let the meat contact each other when cooking. The space between each should be even. What you want is for air and heat to flow freely around the meats.

Use a thermometer when cooking ham. It’ll let you see the temperature easily. Just make sure the device doesn’t hit any bones when you insert it. If it does, an incorrect reading will appear.


A quick way to add more flavor is preheating the grill. Add some vegetable oil to keep the meat from sticking. You can also keep the meat level by slicing the fats off. Cut every 1 and ½ inches at the edge. Use the tongs to flip each piece.

Set aside an empty area on the grill. Some meats cook faster than others, so you can put the finished ones there. This technique also helps in case of any flare ups.

There are many ways of cooking ham. You just need to decide which type to use. Even though it takes time, the effort will be worth it when you’re finished.