How Long Should I Cook Steak to Make It Medium?

When it comes to cooking medium steak, the time needed is about 12 minutes (five to six minutes per side). The temperature should be medium high on the grill.

A Brownish Color

To determine if the steak is medium, look at its color. The middle section is usually pink. But this type should appear brownish. The edges must also appear brownish. The upper and lower parts should be darkened. Note: it should be dark, but not totally black. The meat itself should be a little firm when you press it.

The Grill Matters

If that’s the case, then you can cook this on the grill. As stated, cooking medium steak takes only six minutes per side. After that, the meat should be ready. Keep in mind that your grill will also determine how it will cook. With some grills it will take longer to cook. With others, it will be much quicker.

Overcooked and Undercooked

Because the time for cooking varies, it’s not uncommon for the meat to be undercooked or overcooked. Look at the meat closely. If it looks reddish with too much juice, it has been undercooked. On the other hand, the meat is overcooked if it’s pink without gloss.

Meat Thickness is Important

Here are some tips for cooking medium steak. Decide beforehand where you’ll cook it. The meat can be cooked via a skillet, pan or oven. Whichever you use, preheat the apparatus. Afterwards you can set the meat in place.

Look at the thickness of the steak. The thickness will determine how long it should be cooked. If it’s very thick, it will take about five minutes per side.

Testing for Firmness

The easiest way is to use a digital meat thermometer. Insert the device in the thickest section of the meat. The steak will get to the medium rare stage at 160 F. When the readout reaches 150 to 155 F, pull it out. Resting will produce the additional five to ten degrees necessary for cooking medium steak. The rest time should be no more than 3 minutes.

Suggested Seasonings and Sauces

One of the most popular is barbecue sauce. You can use the spicy or sweet flavor. You can also add some salt or pepper. Worcestershire sauce also gives it extra texture. You can also use different types of herbs and spices. Just think of the taste you want the meat to have. On the other hand, you can just stick with spicy sauce.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind. If you’re using a skillet, turn it up high. You should also avoid turning the meat over and over. The inner temperature of a well made steak is around 130 to 135 F.

If it helps, you should use a cookbook or recipe guide. It can take a lot of the guesswork out of preparing spices and seasonings.

The best way of cooking medium steak is to just try it out. It isn’t as hard as you may have thought. Just keep an eye on the signs of overcooking or undercooking and the dish will come out right.