How Many Minutes Per Pound Should I Cook a Pork Loin?

If you’re cooking pork loin, it should be 30 minutes per pound. The temperature should be around 350 F. It is also cooked when the thermometer goes up to 155 to 165 F. The internal temperature is more important than the oven temperature itself.

Browning and Other Pre Cooking Preparations

Sometimes the cooking can take many hours. Whatever the time period, browning is important. Browning the meat will keep the juices and flavor intact. While preparing the roast, pre heating the oven (350 F) is necessary. You can also add some flavorings like salt and garlic.

Internal Temperature Issues

Don’t forget to put the thermometer in place. Before cooking pork loin put the thermometer in the thickest part. Don’t let it touch any of the bony parts.

The 30 minutes per pound rule gives you a good approximate of the cooking time. But if it reaches 155 F at resting time, it can be considered done. The internal temperature mustn’t go over 170 F.

At 170 F, the roast might become too dry. However some prefer this. Whether you want it around 155 F or 170 F, it’s up to you. Just don’t let it go over 170 F.

If you’re having trouble remembering these figures, go with the guidelines of the National Pork Board for cooking pork loin. The internal temperature should be 160. This means cooking at 155 degrees and letting the pork rest. This will cause the temperature to go up to the right level.

You can also remove the roast around 145 degrees with a rest of 5 minutes. The only difference with the higher temperature is the pork will be juicer.

The cooking time of 350 is the standard, but you can also set it 325 degrees without a cover.

Flavoring Tips

You can use brining, marinade or rubs. Brining can be done in as little as half an hour. But brining for 8 hours in the fridge is possible. As for marinade, it shouldn’t be longer than two hours.
Going beyond that will soften the pork too much.

Those cooking pork loin can use dry herbs too. The advantage with using spices is their flexibility. You can add them in hours earlier or at the last minute. Almost any herb or seasoning in your garden can be used.

Glazing is another popular option. Barbecue sauce, jams and syrups can be used. Juices and jelly make for excellent glazing ingredients. Just do it after searing the meat.

Leftover Pork

Chop them into small chunks. Add some mustard and use it as filling for sandwiches. Or you can slice it into thin pieces and add to your green salad. Put some soy sauce for extra flavor. You can also use it with rice. Chop into small cubes and heat it. Add the pork to your fried rice. Bring some fruit juice and it’s all set.

Cooking pork loin doesn’t require a lot of experience on your part. It’s actually very versatile and adaptable. The more you cook the more creative dishes you’ll be able to produce.