How Much Fish Oil Should I Take

Knowing how much fish oil to take will ensure you get all its health benefits. The following information will help decide the amount right for you.

Amount to Take

The lowest you can take (and still get health benefits) is 2.5 grams. For healthy folks, this quantity will do. If you’re taking it to remove inflammation you need to increase the dosage. Extra dosages are also needed by those who suffer from arthritis.

One way to assess the total is by adding in increments. Keep adding it until the effects dissipate. Now lower the amount you take. When you feel the effects again, you’ve reached the minimum amount. This is one of the ways to know how much fish oil to take.

Checking for Quality Products

There are many types of fish oil. The best ones are those from the pharmacies. They come with the highest grade of Omega 3 fats. Most, if not all the impurities have been eradicated as well. While the quality is assured, a lot of them are costly too.

However there are plenty of affordable products out there. The competition is bringing down the prices. However there are some things you should look for.

EPA and DHA Levels

Examine the EPA and DHA amounts. A good rule of thumb is 50% or of it equals quality fish oil. The actual contents differ per package. But when looking at how much fish oil to take, look for figures like this: 1,000mg fish oil, 200mg EPA and 300mg for DHA. Make sure that the total is 500mg.

How to Check if its Authentic

Here’s a simple method to determine if the supplement is fit to take. Store them in the freezer for the night. Remove it the next day and take one of the tablets. Slice it into two. There should be liquid there.

If it froze, throw it away; that’s a fake. At the very least it won’t alleviate your pain. In the worst case, you might end up feeling even worse.

How Many Tablets to Take?

The bottle should provide the info on the right dosage. If there’s none, you can figure out how much fish oil to take easily. Let’s say you need to take 5 grams. That is equivalent to 5,000mg, the measurement used in most capsules.

If each tablet has 200 DHA and 300 EPA, you must take ten everyday to meet your requirements. Just adjust the numbers for the amount you need to consume.

There’s no rule stating when they should be consumed. You can just take a couple in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. You can also take three in the morning and divide the rest during the afternoon and evening. There’s also nothing wrong with taking down half in the afternoon and the rest in the evening.

Learning how much fish oil to take is absolutely vital. It’s been shown to reduce risks of heart attacks, depression and being struck by breast cancer. But its efficiency rests in its proper dosage.