How Much Should a Private Tutor Charge

The fees of private tutors vary a great deal. It can go for as low as $25 an hour to as high as $150. The average would be around $45 to $50 per hour. Here are some factors that can help you decide how much to charge.

Checking Area Rates

The main thing you want to avoid is pricing yourself out of the market. This profession is becoming very popular, so you need to be competitively priced. At the same time you shouldn’t set too low a limit. If this will be your main source of income, you need to profit too.

The fact is that fees of private tutors depend on the area / state / county. Go online and assess the rate in your vicinity. Go with the average price if you’re just starting out. If you’ve got experience, you can make it a little higher.

Consult Tutors and Students

You can also talk to some students. They can give you insights into how much to charge. There are also several teaching institutions you can call. Talking to those in the profession is also a get good idea. They can help you in matters like negotiating prices.

Other Considerations

There are other factors that you should assess. Are you teaching college, high school or grade school? The requirements are different for each level. When going through the fees of private tutors, factor this in.

You can also charge based on the number of students you’ll be mentoring simultaneously. The more you need to teach, the more you can charge. Although profitable, don’t try to take in too many. Take in only those that you can handle effectively.

Some prefer to conduct these sessions online. It has several advantages, not the least of which is reduced travel costs. But you also need to factor in the costs of getting a fast PC with broadband connection. But it provides you quicker access to needed materials.

If you’ll be conducting the sessions in person, think of the travel costs as well. If you have to journey far, this needs to be included in your expenses.

The fees of private tutors are also influenced by the lessons you’ll teach. The $50 should cover basic education, but if it’s more specialized, you can ask for more. You can charge on a weekly or hourly basis. Both methods are acceptable.

Other Requirements

It takes more than a degree to be a good private tutor. You also need to be sociable. Being amiable will help build a rapport between you and your student. This will help you both get through each lesson more efficiently.

It’s not enough to just give out facts and figures; engaging the other person is necessary. Of course you must also possess time management skills. If you’re tutoring several students, equal time must be given to each.

The fees of private tutors ultimately depend on your area and skill level. As stated, $50 is regarded as the norm. This rate can go much higher as you gain more experience. As such, it can be financially rewarding.