How Much Should I Be Able to Bench Press

Some people gauge health and physical power through the ability to do bench presses. To measure up to a certain fitness standard, some health buffs wonder and ask themselves how much should I be able to bench press. To put this weight training in its proper light, here are important points to remember about bench press.

For bench Press Starters

After checking whether they are fit for weight training through expert medical consultation, beginners need to do the bench press gradually in weight and repetition. They should bear this in mind: If I were a novice, how much should I be able to bench press? The answer is 5 to 10 repetitions in 2 to 3 sets. How heavy should the weights be? They should be half your body weight. Thus, if you weigh 150 pounds and are a beginner, start with 75 or 80 pounds, or a bit lighter.

First Day Patience

Novices usually become impatient with light weights for pressing. They find them too easy to lift from their chest. But beginning slowly with light weights is an important rule when deciding how much should I be able to bench press without getting serious injuries later. With bench press, it’s not how much one is able to bench press but how correct. The main thing is to get the proper form and posture. Some trainees even lift mere bars without weights for several sessions just to get the right form. Thus, in the first few days of training, it’s vital to be patient and follow the trainer’s instructions. Never overdo.

Increase Repetitions

As one gains muscle power in the chest and arms, the repetitions should be increased. After a week (that’s alternately 4 training and 3 rest days), one should be able to bench press 10 to 15 repetitions in 4 sets. That’s at least 40 repetitions in all. Thus, when a novice asks himself, how much should I be able to bench press after a week of training, it should be around 40 repetitions with weights about half one’s body weight.

Increase Weights

After a week of training, weights can be increased. From 75 to 80 pounds, try to increase them to 90 or a hundred. Make sure a spotter is around when doing bench presses. Feel the weight in your arms and chest. If it is bearable, then assume that weight. Slowly, with correct breathing, bench press that weight up to 10 repetitions in 4 sets. This is a safe way of ascertaining how much should I be able to bench press after a week of training.

With Regular Training

With regular training, some people are able to use weights heavier than their body weight for bench press. So it really depends on how well trained one is when deciding to oneself how much should I be able to bench press.