How Much Should I Weigh

With the ongoing struggle against weight problems, people often wonder how fast they ought to lose weight. However, another important and interesting question is how much should they weigh. People often feel a bit of anxiety over how much they weigh now and how much they ought to weigh. For instance, one would aim to reach a certain healthy body weight which is way too much to handle for someone who’s just beginning.

Struggle for Healthy Weight

Before one struggles to attain that healthy weight they should first determine how much they should weigh. One of the easiest tools to help determine that healthy body weight is your body mass index. However, do take note that there are other factors that should be considered other than your BMI to determine that healthy weight.

Body Mass Index

Your BMI is a calculation of the relationship between your weight and your height. This is a quick way to get a relatively good assessment of what your healthy body weight ideally should be. However, there are other factors that you and your physician should look into besides your body mass index.

Other Factors to Consider

Other than this relationship of your height and weight, your body frame should also be considered. What may be considered healthy weight given a certain height may not be healthy weight for another individual of the same height but of a different body frame. For instance, a man who is 5’5″ in height may have a healthy body weight within the range of 134 to 140 pounds.

That is considering that he has a small frame. However, those with significantly larger and medium sized frames will have a different bracket or weight range for it to be considered healthy. For the same height of 5’5″ a man who has a medium frame would have a healthy body weight within the range of 137-148 lbs.

A man of the same height with a relatively large frame would have it at 144-160. Other factors to consider in obtaining how much you should weigh would include age, lifestyle, sex, and current health condition.

Work with Your Doctor

Determining a healthy body weight is never a solo mission. If you work with a trainer to help you lose weight he or she would easily point you to the direction of a health care professional to get a good assessment of your current health condition. Your BMI will be checked as well as the other factors necessary in determining your healthy weight. Your BMI is quick estimate, but be sure to work with your doctor to determine what your ideal weight should exactly be.