How Should I Word My Engagement Announcement

How should I word my engagement announcement? That seems to take a lot of hard work especially if you are a person who wants everything just right.

While it is most understandable to somehow stammer and falter on the words that you want to say to your loved one, it is most appropriate to be prepared beforehand so that the occasion can be extra special to both of you.

“How should I word my engagement announcement?” Well, merely blurting out to everyone that you’re engaged is all right. But why go the usual way when you can make it more a memorable event for the two of you?

So, how should I word my engagement announcement, you ask? Here are some tips:

* Tell something about how you two fell in love. As they say, a little speech would go a long, long way. Preparing a speech, no matter how short or long it may be would be a good thing to do when you’re wondering to yourself, “How should I word my engagement announcement?” If you still have that childlike wonder within you and adore fairy tales, you may start the ball rolling by saying something like, “Once upon a time…”

* You may also color the scenario by going directly to how you proposed and how your proposal was taken. Everyone would like to know about the magic of popping the question and getting your desired answer. So, tell your relatives and friends and end it with something like, “and that is how we got wonderfully engaged.”

* Others use the poetic approach. Poems can mean a thousand things and say the most wonderful things. The verses sing. So why not try that approach?

Not a good writer? Well, you can use some of the poems of love and devotion of great poets of yesteryears.

After reading the poem, say something about what made you fall in love with your partner in the first place to make it all the more romantic so others can see how you two celebrate your love for each other and are, undoubtedly, very much in love and prepared to take your relationship to the next level. Not bad for someone who would be having trouble thinking of the question, “How should I word my engagement announcement?”

Searching your mind to answer “How should I word my engagement announcement?” can be time consuming and difficult. But it doesn’t need to be. All it takes is just a little ingenuity and a lot of love to make things right so that the words will flow from the heart.