How Soon Should You Date After Separation

The time when to date after separation isn’t easy to answer. Some counselors say that a year of recovery time per four years of married life is ideal. However there are so many aspects to consider.

When Not to Date

The one thing you shouldn’t do is start dating just to cover up your pain. This holds true whether you were married or just had a long relationship. Never enter into another relationship just to get back at your ex.

If you do this, you are being selfish. Remember that you are dealing with another person. He / she thinks that the relationship is serious and will give their total commitment. If you’re just doing this as an act of revenge, you can’t give that kind of commitment.

It is unfair to the other party and to you. If you’re thinking of when to date after separation, always keep that in mind. You need to give yourself time to heal.

Feel No Pressure

Don’t worry about remaining single for a while. What matters now is how you feel. Getting into a relationship when you’re not ready will hurt yourself even more. Above all, don’t feel obligated to go out. No one can force you to go out and date. And you shouldn’t do it if you don’t feel like it.

It’s your life and you proceed at your own pace. It doesn’t matter how long or short the recovery time is. If you’re still wondering when to date after separation, it’s important that you don’t pressure yourself into thinking it should be now.

Socializing with Friends

One of the ways you speed up the healing process is by socializing again. Get back with your friends and start hanging out with them. You don’t need to look for a date in particular. You can just enjoy the company of your friends.

Allow yourself to delight in their company. If there are parties or gatherings, join in. Who knows, you might meet someone interesting. Just enjoy yourself first. Before you start to think of when to date after separation, think of socializing first.

When it Feels Right

When you do find someone, you’ll know. Often it comes about in an unexpected way. It can be sudden or the feelings can develop more slowly. Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t fight the feeling. You can’t fight it anyway, so just let that other person know how you feel.

It can be difficult, especially if your heart had been broken. But you should always be ready to take another chance. You have the right to be happy. There’s no need to deny yourself some bliss. Don’t think of your failures in the previous relationship. That’s in the past. It’s time to move on.

Everyone deserves to be joyful, and everyone deserves a second chance. That includes you. The time when to date after separation is when you feel ready. Don’t let anyone or anything make you start at any other time. Your heart will tell you when you’re ready; listen to it.