Reason Why I Should Go to College

Among some of today’s younger generation, the importance of college education has been lost. The following will show why this is crucial.

Finding Jobs Will be Easier

Finding work is never easy, but in today’s environment it just got harder. Having a good educational background will give you an advantage. Why? Because companies will only hire those with the right qualifications.

You can’t expect to make it as an executive in a major company without the right degree. This rule applies to nearly all fields of work.

When employers look at resumes, they check the background. Put
yourself in their shoes. In today’s economy, will you be willing to take a chance on someone without a good education? Would you take that risk when someone with a degree is also applying for the same position?

When it comes to getting a job, the importance of college education can’t be overstressed.

It Can Help in Business

College can also help if you want to start your own business. Say you want to get into the restaurant business. Taking up a course in restaurant management will help. The same is true if you want to get into IT, mass media etc. It’s true that there are people who have succeeded without any college degree.

But why make it difficult for yourself? By taking up the relevant course, you’ll ease the learning curve. You will also have more confidence going into such a venture. After all, you already know the basics. Those who have gotten business degrees won’t hesitate to tell you the importance of college education.

What if I’m Athletic?

A lot of athletic students just forego college and turn pro. Gifted in a certain sport, they figure it’s easier and quicker to make money there. Why go through a four year course when you can make millions by being a pro basketball player?

The reason you should still pursue a degree is two fold. First, an athletic career isn’t forever. Whatever the sport, you can expect to last at most 12 to 15 years. That is if you stay healthy. What if you get injured? A single injury can end your career. Without the proper education, what will you do?

Controlling Your Finances

The other reason for the importance of college education is that you’ll have control of your money. Assume you make millions as an athlete. You retire, but without any financial knowledge how will you manage your money? Actually, this problem doesn’t even have to take place when you hang your jersey.

A lot of athletes in fact, can’t retire because they mishandled their finances. Or they let some of their friends and advisers decide what to do with it. In the end they lose it all.

By knowing a bit of business management, you can assume full control over your finances. Instead of relying on advisers, you can decide what to do with your money.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a career in sports / acting (or whatever). But do yourself a favor and try and recognize the importance of college education.