Reasons Why People Should Vote

Those disillusioned with politics often ask why people should vote. At the heart of it is this question: does it matter? In a word, yes.

Every Vote Makes a Difference

Every vote counts. In close elections in can make the difference between winning and losing. Some people think that it makes no sense to vote now since their candidate is going to lose anyway.
If that is the way everyone thinks, then society would never prosper nor change. It would remain static.

Remember that elections take place so the citizens can decide if they want something new or the status quo to remain. If people stopped participating in elections, society will stagnate. The reason why people should vote is to institute changes.

Think about it: if people didn’t vote, Lincoln would have never become President, and slavery might not have been abolished. By putting him into office, Americans showed that they wanted change.

Make a Stand in Issues

Voting for candidates also lets you express support for issues. There are many issues affecting people today. These include the war again terrorism, immigration and stem cell research among others.

By throwing your support for your preferred candidate, you’ll get to stand up for what you believe in. That is another explanation as to why people should vote. Whether the issues are local or national, it is the means for which support can be shown.

Right to Complain and Express Yourself

This point is often missed out by those who say voting is pointless. If you never voted in the elections, then you have no right to complain. You never took a stand for any issue. You were neither for nor against anyone. If that’s the case, then you can’t complain against what the current administration is doing.

If you had voted in the elections against it, then you can air your complaint. But if you didn’t vote, you shouldn’t. If you want things to change, you must take action. You do that by voting. Being a fence sitter doesn’t help.

Democracy in Action

The other reason why people should vote is to keep democracy alive. The forefathers fought and died so people like you could choose their leaders. If people no longer participated in elections, the minority would hold sway. Democracy might as well be abolished and replaced with authoritarianism.

Power to the People

A lot of power is given to local and national officials. But none of them are as powerful as voting. This act determines how long they stay in power or if they’re removed. Nothing better demonstrates freedom and democracy than elections. It is something that democratic societies take for granted.

Yet look at those who have been liberated for dictatorships. They vote by the millions, knowing how important it is. It’s crucial that its value is recognized now and not when it gets taken away.

Always keep this in mind: public officials are public servants. The way you should judge their performances are through elections. That is why people should vote.