Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in School?

Quick communication access has become a necessity today, even in school. While it remains true that most young people use cell phones as a luxury entertainment device, their other urgent uses cannot be ignored. Should cell phones be allowed in school? Here are grounds for doing so.

Teachers and School Staff

School employees like teachers and staff definitely need to be allowed to bring their cell phones in school. In this case, total banning of cell phones in school is definitely out of the question. If the authorities in school can bring their cell phones along, why not the students or pupils? Practical lessons on fairness begin with how fair and just school policies are. There should be, however, some factors to consider when deciding should cell phones be allowed in school for students use.

Cell Phones Deposited During Class Hours

Before classes start, both teachers and students should surrender their cell phones to a guard in charge. This prevents the digital devices from being a nuisance in the classroom. The same with time to be spent for laboratory or library research. Both teachers and students found not submissive to this rule should have their cell phones confiscated for a considerable length of time. Banning of cell phones in school should be selective, with reference to free time and class hours. This is a good point to consider on the matter should cell phones be allowed in school.

Cell Phones Returned During Class Dismissal

When classes are done later in the day, cell phones should be returned to the teachers and students. Communication, at this time, is important especially with regards to fetching details. Should spouses or parents fetch loved ones right away from school? Sometimes, this is not possible due to sudden emergency meetings or school program practices. Public or pay-phones are often unreliable, and the best option here is to use a personal cell phone. Anyone can make the call anywhere and anytime. Should cell phones be allowed in school? Definitely, but with certain restrictions.

During Emergencies

The fastest way of knowing if a loved one in school is safe is to use a cell phone. Sick students, for instance, can easily inform their parents of the immediate need to fetch them from school. The same with sick teachers their spouses. Or during an earthquake, fire, or similar emergencies that entail massive evacuation from school premise, the easiest way to pinpoint the location of a loved one is through cell phone contact. This consideration, among others, makes it necessary to re-consider should cell phones be allowed in school.