Should I Buy a Website Template?

If you’re thinking of buying a website template, you should assess the many issues involved. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring them are listed below.


If you don’t have the time to build a site from scratch, a template can be a real time saver. Setting up a template doesn’t take too much time. If you’re new to web designing, trying to put together a site from the ground up can be hard.

A template is designed professionally, so you know the color scheme and layout works most of the time. The wrong color combination can mean disaster for your site. Remember that Net surfers can be impatient. They want information and they want it quick. By buying a website template, you’re likely to get a working and well designed site.

Budget Saver

Another advantage is that templates can save money. Hiring a professional web designer is much more expensive. If you or your team can’t afford it, getting a template is the better alternative.

Designing a website involves more than just putting graphics and typing text. You’ll need to put in forms, CSS and numerous HTML codes. It also needs to have a consistent look. A template will have these elements in place. It won’t be that hard to make the necessary changes.

Making Your Own Site

While buying a website template is a good idea, it’s not always the best option. If your site needs to have a specific look, you could end up modifying the whole template. If that’s the case, you might as well not buy one. Only you know the exact look and feel of your site. If it has to be very specific, there’ll be no need for you to purchase anything.

The ease with which templates are set up can be its own weakness. Some users are content to utilize the basic design and layout. What happens is that every site looks the same. The text and graphics may be different, but the layout is the same. That’s the problem with buying a website template.

Why does this matter? It matters because the viewer will notice. He / she will realize that the webmaster didn’t spend time designing the site. If the site owner is that lazy. how reliable can its content be?

Tips on Using Templates

Be careful on what elements you put in your site. Filling your page with Active X, Flash and Java can make it hard to use. Not all browsers are capable of viewing these files. Use them judiciously. In the case of Flash, having an option to skip it should be included.

When making changes, you need to strike a balance between making your site different and just being confusing. Always place usability and readability above everything else. Of course you need to make sure the links are all working.

Buying a website template can help you design your home page easily. But that’s not an excuse for slacking off. If you’re going to purchase one, use it as a foundation to create your own unique site.