Should Illegal Immigrants Become Citizens?

Both Congress and the public are still debating whether granting illegal immigrants citizenship is correct or not. This dispute has been going on for several years and it continues to stir forceful opinions from both sides.

Arguments in Favor of Granting Citizenship

Those who are for passage of this law say it is only just. The influx of illegal immigrants in America will continue whether there is a law or not. As it is, these people are just looking for a second chance at life. Isn’t America the land of opportunity and freedom? Why not give these people the chance to live decently?

Imposing harsh penalties will not stop these people from coming into the US. By drafting more stringent measures, government just ends up denying these people the right to work.

Although they came into the country illegally, some are able to find work or start their own business. By granting illegal immigrants citizenship, they can do their part in helping the economy.

Since America prospered from the efforts of immigrants, there’s no reason to deny them the privilege of living in the country.

Rewarding Criminals

Those opposed to it raise a number of arguments. These people have broken the law. Why should the government reward them? What about the legitimate immigrants who went through the normal process?
Shouldn’t the government show more tolerance and favor toward them?

It’s true that stopping these people from getting into the country is hard. But that is no excuse not to implement the laws. If that logic is followed, then the authorities might as well legalize drug trafficking and murder.

Burden on Legal Immigrants and Citizens

By granting illegal immigrants citizenship, it would mean increased financial burden for the legitimate ones. By granting amnesty, they will be entitled to Social Security and other benefits.

Any other government programs for these people will be paid for by the taxpayer. These taxpayers went through the process of becoming American citizens legally. They pay taxes and work hard. Asking them to cough up money for illegal immigrants is wrong.

Going Through the Process

Rather than grant amnesty, those against the proposed law say making these people go through the process is the better option. This ensures that everyone gets a fair chance of working and living in the US. By granting illegal immigrants citizenship, it will send out the wrong message.

As it is, legitimate citizens are having trouble finding jobs. The economic situation has resulted in millions of workers being laid off. This doesn’t even count in those who have had to take pay cuts or looking for second jobs.

Some illegal immigrants are holding on to jobs which they have no right to. Opportunities that belong to the legal citizens of America have been lost.

The bottom line is that most Americans are not against illegal immigrants per se. Rather what they want is for those people to go through the legal process.

The idea of granting illegal immigrants citizenship continues to be debated heatedly. Whether the law is passed or not, it’s unlikely that the debate will end.