Should People Use Online Dating Services?

Although online dating services have had great success in garnering memberships comprising thousands of people, there are still many potential members who are reluctant to put their lives on the internet. In 2009 the Internet user population was estimated at one billion; however some people view online dating as a desperate and pathetic means of establishing meaningful relationships and is therefore not considered
the best course in seeking personal relationships. Other inhibitions include security and anonymity, and compatibility – that is the ability to find someone that meets your criteria.
For the most part online dating services are secure professional services that offer their expertise and resources to individuals or groups in the area of matchmaking. Websites such as Yahoo! Personals and are some of the popular online dating sites. Although this type of dating has its drawbacks there are many advantages to it; it must be noted as well that online dating is not for everyone. Some persons may project a better dating image face-to-face while others do better with less visible interactions.

Benefits to Online Dating

  • Online dating offers a wider reach to the ardent dater – the possibilities at finder your mate is much greater.
  • Saves money – although online dating services may attract membership and registration fees the long-term savings will be greater when compared to the cost of going on a regular date. Traveling and entertainment costs are significantly minimized.
  • Online dating provides a more relaxed environment – you are dating in the comfort of your own home, and there’s always the option of ending the date when you see fit. The fact that you are relaxed also means you are more likely to just be yourself – and expression of thoughts is more fluent.
  • Online dating allows you to get to know the person you are dating before engaging in face-to-face conversation.
  • Looking for fun and excitement? Take the drudgery out of dating enjoy the actual experience of meeting new people.
  • What can be better than the ability to set the criteria of your potential mate and have that person hand delivered to you? Online dating allows you to “know “the person before your first interaction.

Risks to Online Dating

Online dating risks can result in serious consequences if due diligence is not practiced with users of this service. The internet itself is home to many scammers and uncouth persons that pry on vulnerable and naïve individuals. Specifically online dating risks include financial risks, emotional risks and security risks. There is also the risk of addiction and exposure of sexual predators.

Should You Date Online?

Each person has their own requirements of the dating world; determining the best method of dating is left solely to the individual. If you believe you are a good candidate for online dating, then by all means go ahead and explore this modernized world and take careful note of associated risks and the measures to avoid falling prey to anyone.