Should Recycling Be Mandatory?

There are environmental groups that believe making recycling mandatory will produce benefits for everyone. But there are also those who insist that it’s not required. As the facts will show, the points used by both sides are numerous and complex.

Landfills are Cheaper

The most often used reasoning against recycling is that landfills are more viable options. Contrary to some beliefs, there are still plenty of landfills in the US. There are no problems when it comes to the capacity. The landfills don’t pose a threat to the surrounding areas either.

Furthermore, landfills are much cheaper. During this time when cities are strapped for cash, it doesn’t make sense to spend on unnecessary items. By making recycling mandatory, the city expenditures will just go up. Why spend money on recycling when there’s a cheaper alternative?

Reducing Recycling Costs

Those in favor of it say recycling expenses have been going down. One of the ways in which costs are being reduced is by reducing curbside pickups. In addition, the market for these items has also been growing. In particular there are now many countries that need recyclable products.

Environmentalists also point out that landfills aren’t as cost effective as people think. New York City at one point decided to stop recycling. What happened was that the landfill ended up costing $40 million more. It’s also been pointed out that by making recycling mandatory, it will become more cost effective in the long run.

Recycling can cost around $50 to $150 for every ton. The typical trash programs will cost around $70 to as much as $200. This may still be quite expensive, but it shows that the cost can be reduced.

Recycling in the Community

The best way to start recycling in your community is by segregating thrash. Start by gathering all the recyclable materials. These include plastic, metals, paper etc. Put them in a separate container.

Have the bins carried off at the same time as the regular trash. This ensures that all the recyclable materials are carried off at the same time. It also streamlines the process of collecting.

If your community is making recycling mandatory, make sure everyone is updated. The market for recyclable products is growing all the time. If there’s demand for old batteries, soda cans etc. inform everyone. Sending out regular newsletters is the most efficient way.

Money Matters

Even though most are in favor of recycling, the costs are still keeping poeple away. It isn’t just the cost of recycling itself. Rather, recycled products can be expensive too. In many cases these products are more expensive than new ones. For cash strapped people, it doesn’t make sense financially.

Those in favor of recycling say it helps lower pollution levels. A clean environment means healthier people. Doesn’t that add up to financial savings too? After all, no price tag can be placed on health.

Most people will agree that making recycling mandatory is a good idea. But until the costs are driven much lower, it’s likely that there will still be some who will prefer landfills.