Should School Provide Birth Control to Teenagers?

While some believe that giving birth control to teenagers in schools is necessary, others oppose the idea. To develop a proper perspective, consider the points being utilized by the two sides.

Promoting Promiscuity

By giving access to contraceptives, teenagers will be encouraged to engage in premarital sex. Rather than teach them the value of abstaining from sex, these contraceptives will lead to promiscuity.

The efficiency of these contraceptives is also being questioned. It’s been argued that they produce unhealthy side effects. The more pills taken, the more these effects will be felt.

The bottom line is that abstinence is the answer. These birth control pills will do nothing more than encourage teens to participate in various sexual activities.

Why Contraceptives are Required

Those in favor of giving birth control to teenagers in schools say it’s better than abortion. Few would argue that teens should abstain from sexual activities. But what if they engage in sex and the girl gets pregnant? Wouldn’t it be better if they knew how to deal with the situation?

Abortion and Other Problems

Suppose a teenager has no access to contraceptives. She gets pregnant. One scenario is that she’ll get an abortion. The procedure can be risky and might lead to bigger problems involving her, her parents and society in general. Although abortion is permissible, some people oppose it.

If the pregnancy were continued, it would also create problems. A girl (or a couple) unprepared to deal with a baby and married life will face numerous difficulties.

By giving birth control to teenagers in schools, future social problems can be dealt with now. It’s a fact that increased crime rates can be attributed to social / family issues.

Blaming teenagers for not abstaining won’t solve the problem. With the help of contraceptives, this problem can be dealt with effectively.

Sex Education

If contraceptives are to be made available, teaching teens how to use them correctly is a must. Properly used, most birth control pills are safe. But if side effects are felt, the teenager should stop and consult a doctor. Teaching teens how to use condoms and other contraceptives must be done comprehensively.

Giving birth control to teenagers in schools means providing sex education. But it shouldn’t stop with just pills and condoms. Teenagers should also know the facts about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Young people should also know the financial cost of raising a child, not to mention the responsibility it requires.

It’s also important to lecture teenagers on the value of abstinence. It should be stressed that it’s still the best option. But if that’s not possible, then having a single sexual partner is the best choice. Multiple sexual partners makes one susceptible to diseases. This point must be emphasized.

These schools must also provide able counselors for teenagers. These people must give practical and helpful advice. In no way should they judge or condemn the teenager for something he / she did.

Giving birth control to teenagers in schools is probably the best solution for dealing with teen pregnancies. It’s not perfect, but with the right teaching methods it can be a big help.

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