Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?

The subject of wearing uniforms in schools is a complex one. Numerous points are raised by both camps. To make sense of it, considering both sides is essential.

The Advantages of Having Uniforms

First of all, it instills discipline among students. It helps them prepare for the day when they have to work. Whatever your job is, it’ll require some sort of dress code. By imposing uniformity in clothing, it embeds discipline early on.

Some parents are also in favor of it for another reason. It prevents teens from wearing suggestive clothing. Regardless of school, uniform designs are always on the modest side.

That is why wearing uniforms in schools is supported by a lot of parents. At the same time it settles the question of what is and not appropriate to wear.

Another argument in favor of school uniforms is security. It becomes easy to spot any intruders or other troublemakers. Anyone who isn’t from school that causes mischief will be recognized instantly.

Arguments Against School Uniforms

The most frequently raised argument involves the costs. Aside from buying books and other supplies, parents have to cough up cash to buy uniforms. Why not just let them wear the clothes they have? For those who can barely make ends meet, the extra expenses can ruin their budget. This is one of the main arguments against wearing uniforms in schools.

If uniforms are implemented across the country, it would incur large costs for parents. If they move to another place it means the old uniforms can no longer be used. It means buying new ones.

Installing a dress code also presents problems for school administrators. What will be the punishment for those who don’t follow it? What if the parents complain they can’t afford to buy new clothes? There is also the problem of imposing the rules. What if students flat out refuse?

Other Arguments

Some students believe that such a rule would curb their rights. Wearing uniforms in schools curtails their freedom of choice. Clothes are a way of expressing one’s self. Others argue that it’s not the point. If the school insists on having uniforms, you must adhere to the rules. If you don’t want to, you should go somewhere else.

Those in favor of uniforms also say that arguments like freedom of expression, rights etc. are totally out of place. Students can wear anything they like when not in school. So what’s wrong with wearing uniforms for a few hours?

Some people don’t like uniforms for more practical reasons. In some
cases the fabric may not be to their liking. Other students suggest the following. If the school insists on it, they should pay for the uniforms. The opposing camp will counter this, saying if parents can spend on books, they can spend some on clothes.

You may have your own opinion whether wearing uniforms in schools should be allowed or not. The debate is unlikely to end anytime soon. Whatever your opinion is, make sure your voice is heard in case it gets brought up in school.