Should We Spend Time in the Sun?

There are many health benefits that can be gained by spending time in the sun. However, it is important to note that too much exposure to the sun can also be harmful. Moderation is the key here and so, keep this in mind when you bask in the glory of the sun.

Let us now examine a few of the benefits and risks, caused due to exposure to the sun.

Benefits of Spending Time in the Sun

vitamin D: By exposing our body to the sun, a particular cholesterol present in our skin, gets converted to vitamin D. This is extremely beneficial as it aids in reducing the cholesterol levels in our body.

melatonin: Exposure to the sun also produces Melatonin. This is a hormone that is produced by our body. It enables us to get a good night’s sleep and what’s more, it even helps to slow down the ageing process. As we get older, the production of Melatonin also slows down. This is one of the reasons for senior citizens having trouble, sleeping at night. Old people therefore, will reap richer benefits by spending some time in the sun. This quality time is bound to make one feel more energized.

strengthening bones and killing germs: Sunlight helps the body develop stronger bones. Three times a week for 15 minutes a day in the morning is enough to produce substantial results. Sunlight will give the body the calcium necessary for improving the bone structure. It has also been shown to eliminate bacteria and germs. It does not just kill germs but it also fortifies the body’s immune system.

cancer deterrent: Studies have shown that sunlight helps in fighting prostate cancer and leukemia. Doctors have also learned that vitamin D is necessary to fight off skin cancer and intestinal neoplasm. As mentioned earlier, spending time in the sun helps to increase the vitamin D in our bodies. Lack of vitamin D can weaken your defense against cancer. It can also make you susceptible to heart attacks.

fighting depression: Scientific research has shown that sunlight is useful for fighting depression. It can reduce anxiety as well.

Potential Risks of Spending Time in the Sun

skin cancer: One of the biggest threats of spending too much time in the sun is skin cancer. This is brought about by too much exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

wrinkles: Too much sunlight may cause wrinkles and hasten the aging process. It can also cause skin damage.

eyes: Staring at the sun directly can also damage the eyes. Do not look at the sun directly; it may cause permanent damage to your retina.

blackheads and acne: Too much sunlight will also increase the production of Keratin cells. This can cause an increase in blackheads and acne. People with sensitive skin might also experience reddening of the skin or irritation. Other skin diseases that might appear are lips herpes and red head.

sunburns: It is easy to know if you are spending excessive time in the sun if you begin to have sunburns. If you get sunburns, you are in danger of overexposure. Sunscreens help, but they may cause more harm than good. Because they prevent sunburns, it makes people stay out in the sun for longer periods than necessary.

The best time to be out in the sun would be early in the morning. It is sufficient to spend 15 to 20 minutes to bask in its warmth. Avoid sunbathing at noon or the early afternoons. If you have to go out at midday, ensure you apply skin protection. Wear shades to protect your eyes. Even after you wear shades, avoid looking at the sun directly.

As is obvious from the above mentioned factors, spending time in the sun can prove to be quite beneficial. However, it is important to do so with moderation and care.