Students Should Be Able to Chew Gum at School

The sight of someone chewing gum in school usually ends up with the student getting rebuked by the teacher. While it seems trivial, there are actually students who want this ban lifted. Before going over these points, knowing the reasons why it’s not allowed is necessary.

Messy and Unruly

The most often cited reason is that it smacks of rude behavior. The classroom should be a place of dignity, where people study in peace and quiet. The students should be focused on what they’re doing and nothing else.

A student chewing some bubblegum shows a total lack of respect. The sounds are distracting and making it pop can be very annoying. Someone chewing gum in school could stick it beneath the desk. It will create a mess. They can always chew gum when class ends. Why do they insist on doing it while everyone is studying?

Bad for the Teeth

This doesn’t even factor in the physical ill effects of gum. They are filled with sugar. It can damage the teeth. Allowing it in class will set a bad example. It is for these reasons that this ban is enforced.

In other countries the very act of chewing bubblegum is frowned upon. In the States, it’s okay as long as it isn’t done in class. However, there are many students who feel that chewing gum in school should be allowed.

Stress and Anxiety Reliever

One of the arguments in its favor is that gum helps students cope with stress. You don’t even need any scientific studies to prove this. Its proponents say that you just have to look at athletes. From baseball to basketball players, the sight of gums being chewed is commonplace. Why? Because it helps them deal with anxiety.

A Memory Aid

A lot of students claim that bubblegum helps them concentrate during class. Now there’s some scientific basis to support this. NYU’s Dentistry College shows that gum assists the body in producing insulin. The insulin goes into the blood. In turn this helps the memory sector of the brain function.

The act of chewing gum in school could actually help the kids in the long run. Even before this study came out, some students have long attested to its ability to help one focus. The mere act of chewing helps keep distractions away.

If gum can help memory and fight stress, it shouldn’t just be used by students. Teachers should give it a try too.

No Distraction at All

The other problems can be dealt with easily. By providing a trash can, there’ll be no need for students to stick the gum beneath the desk. Letting them chew gum without making a popping sound is easy enough to enforce.

Without the popping, the chewing sounds will be minimized. There are also lots of sugar free gums available today. This will reduce the risks to teeth damage.

Looking over the facts, chewing gum in school may not be a trivial matter after all. If further research shows it does help students focus, then there’s no reason to ban it. It should in fact, be encouraged.