What Are Foods Should I Avoid to Prevent Heart Disease?

Through the years, heart disease has been one of the leading causes of death in the world. In fact, its high mortality rate continues to affect progressive countries like Canada, Great Britain and the U.S. It comes in various types, three of the most popular of which are hypertensive heart disease, cardiomyopathy and coronary heart disease. In order to prolong and enjoy your life, it is good to learn what foods to avoid for the prevention of heart disease. Here is a closer look at some of them.

Foods to Avoid for the Prevention of Heart Disease

What foods should I avoid to prevent heart disease? Actually, there are various kinds of food to avoid for the prevention of heart disease. As much as possible, it is good to remove these items from your daily diet. If not, at least reduce their consumption so you can stay healthier, stronger and livelier. One of them is soup, which is actually high in fat. It contains unhealthy ingredients that can be very bad for the human body especially when taken in huge amounts.


The second item that people must avoid is meat, which is known for its high cholesterol and fat content. Although it is known for its ability to provide energy and protein to the human body, it can still have bad effects particularly when eaten too much. Furthermore, be sure to avoid other body parts such as kidneys, brains and sweetbreads.

Fish and Seafood

When eating fish meat, it is best to watch carefully what type you are eating. Although some species are believed to be good for the heart, others are considered bad for heart disease patients. These include butterfish, bluefish and bass, mainly because of their relatively high fat content. It is also good to avoid trout, sardines and salmon. In addition to fish, other types of seafood are also bad for the heart such as fried oysters, eel and deviled crab.

Poultry Products

For people with heart disease, it is not a good idea to eat poultry products like goose and duck. These animals contain lots of fat, especially within the layer just under their skins. This kind of fat can actually trigger heart disease.

Dairy Products

Because of their high fat content, eating dairy products are always discouraged for people with bad heart conditions. These include cream, butter and whole milk. At the same time, be sure to not to eat cheese variations like parmesan, cheddar and cottage cheese. Cheese spreads and yogurt are also bad for people with heart diseases.