What Colors Should I Wear?

Deciding on what colors to wear is really up to the individual. You decide what’s cool. But if you’re looking for ideas, the following can help.

Matching Clothes with Skin Tone

Some prefer to make their choices based on what best complements their skin. Generally speaking, those with dark complexion should go for light colored fabrics. These can be any color as long as it is light. But some of the most popular are light yellow, lighter shades of blue and white.

For those with tan or light brown skin, shades of forest green and light orange will do nicely. White is okay, although beige is more preferred. When choosing what colors to wear, you can also go for pastels like pink. Baby blues are also complementary.

The rule for those with creamy white skin is to wear medium to dark garments. All shades of brown, dark green and navy blues are excellent. A little bit of dark red will also fit in. White or very bright colors are best avoided.

Dressing Right for the Season

It isn’t just for Halloween people dress up. There’s a reason why there are collections for winter, summer, fall and spring. The time of the year can help determine what colors to wear. Generally, it’s best to go with the flow. That is, the colors that people usually associate it with should be worn.

For summer, that can mean the primary colors, the brighter the better. Reds, yellows, greens and orange are always popular. Wearing multicolored outfits is also in. Just try to include some white in the mix; it helps in making sense of all the colors.

Some of the best spring colors are gold and reddish hues. Dark greens look fabulous at this time of the year. Dark blue, brown and
other nature colors are also preferred. It’s also worth noting that light green and sky blue also look good in springtime. Some prefer to wear orange, red and a little bit of green / blue.

When deciding what colors to wear for the fall, consider maroon, violet and dark red. Other hues reminiscent of the season like dark brown, deep red and deep yellow will always look right.

The icy hues (silver, white and blue) of course look great in the winter. However crimson and turquoise don’t look bad either. White is the ideal dominant color. The others like red, blue and black will complement it well. In truth, black works well with any hairstyle or color. Like white, it can bring out the other colors even more.

Hair Matters Too

The way your hair contrasts or complements your outfit can’t be ignored. Here is a quick guide: redheads will do well with lavender, white and any shade of blue as long as it’s light. Those with light blonde hair can wear darker hues. Navy blue, burgundy and purple are nice. Brunettes look great with reddish colors and black.

You can literally spend hours deciding what colors to wear. The styles mentioned are just guidelines. In the end, you choose what feels right for you.