What Content and Skills Should Schools Teach?

Some students and academic experts are now questioning the skills that schools should teach. Here are some of those courses that some feel should be part of the curriculum.

How to Interact with People

This aspect is often neglected yet it’s essential. It doesn’t matter how high your grades are if you can’t communicate with other people. Being able to articulate your thoughts and feelings is critical. It won’t just make a difference in the workplace; it’s needed in one’s social life too.

While school gives you a chance to interact with others, some just can’t overcome their shyness. If schools would teach kids to have more self confidence, it can mean a huge difference down the road. That‘s why this is one of the skills that schools should teach.

Using Audio Books

There’s no questioning the importance of reading, but audio books can be a big help. Students can do this on their way to school or at home. For some, it’s easier to absorb information by listening rather than reading. It’s also less tiring.

Time Management

There’s probably not a single student who hasn’t felt stressed out by the amount of work that had to be done. It’s important for teachers to teach the concept of managing time. There’s no point telling kids not to chat or play video games. Instead of telling them what to do, teachers should assist in prioritizing.

This isn’t hard to do. There’s no shortage of scheduling applications in the market. Actually a simple notebook will do just fine. By including this as one of the skills that schools should teach, it’ll help kids manage time. Rather than trying to do everything, they’ll be able to organize their day to day activities.

Assess Financial / Tax Records

The purpose of sending kids to school is to help them get jobs. Therefore more emphasis should be placed in understanding financial records. Young people need to know how to read balance sheets, tax returns and other financial papers.

It’s the stuff they’re going to deal with later on in life. By teaching the fundamentals, a lot of misunderstanding will be avoided later on.

Saving Money and Starting a Business

If there are new skills that schools should teach, saving money must be one of them. This subject needs to be taught at a very early age. Teaching kids the value of saving money is something they’ll never forget.

At the same time, basic business management is necessary. Why teach kids to be employees when they could be employers? Teaching them how to do business provides more opportunities for success.

Planning Long Term

This simply means helping students develop long term plans. At the very least teach them to think in that manner. A lot of mistakes can be avoided by planning for things in the long term.

These are some of the skills that schools should teach. Even if your school doesn’t adopt them, it’s best if you try it on your own. It can make a difference.