What Foods Should I Avoid if I Am Diabetic?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that results in an increase in the blood sugar levels in the body, owing to either the lack of insulin or because the cells in the body fail to respond to the insulin produced by it. Apart from getting the appropriate treatment to combat this condition, one should also ensure that they make significant lifestyle changes and choices in order to live a healthy and happy life. It is absolutely vital to have a regular exercise routine that is well complemented by a healthy, nutritious diet that is in keeping with the list of foods that need to be avoided by people who are diabetic. This will help to prevent long-term consequences such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic renal failure and retinal damage. Also, if the person smokes, it would be best advised to work towards the cessation of smoking.

Foods That Should be Avoided by Diabetics

In order to stay healthy, despite being a diabetic, it is good to stay on a strict and proper diet. This includes avoiding certain kinds of food. By doing this, patients can surely combat this condition more effectively.

  • Diabetics must avoid eating fatty foods, especially those that contain hydrogenated vegetable oils and butter.
  • Likewise, foods that are rich in white flour and white sugar must be reduced significantly.
  • Sugar is never a good thing for people with diabetes, which is why they must not eat foods high in sugar content such as cookies, doughnuts, candies, pastries, chocolates and so on.
  • The condition should not be aggravated by consuming canned juices, ice creams and cake. It is best to keep away from pastries, jam and jelly. Also, it is best to keep away from food varieties that contain artificial sweeteners.
  • Fried food should also be avoided for diabetics. Instead of frying, it is better to sauté, boil or bake the ingredients. The best option would be to steam the food.
  • Diabetics should also watch their sodium intake. They should avoid brine, monosodium glutamate and soy sauce. The same goes for sodium-rich dressings, particularly those found in mayonnaise and mustard.
  • Foods made from refined flours are also bad such as pizza, pretzels and white bread. The same holds good for processed foods, puffs and pasta.
  • Moreover, it is also good for diabetics to reduce their intake of foods that are high in cholesterol like poultry, fatty meat and egg yolks.
  • Junk foods, dried fruits and bacon should also be avoided by diabetics.
  • Other important things to avoid when suffering this kind of health condition include fruit juices.

The most important factor that one needs to bear in mind if he / she is a diabetic, is that foods that are high in glycemic index should be strictly avoided. Complex carbohydrates should be consumed because the consumption of simple carbohydrates results in their rapid absorption in the body, leading to a rise in the blood sugar level.  Consuming complex carbohydrates will help to slow the process of the absorption and the digestion of the carbohydrates, which will result in preventing a rapid rise in the sugar levels in the blood stream.

Cessation of smoking and drinking alcohol is also an essential step to fight the consequences caused by diabetes. These habits can contribute to worsening the condition and alcohol consumption in excess can lead to liver damage and increase the risk of heart diseases.

Diabetics can surely lead a healthy, happy and full life if they make a conscious effort to stick to a regular exercise routine and follow a balanced diet that does not include certain kinds of foods such as those high in sugar, fat and cholesterol.