What Length Skis Should I Use?

After some practice with rented skis might have become comfortable with them and decide to purchase one of your own. After all, with the experience you have now you might have some sort of idea what kind of skis you would want. You can choose what length of skis you should use and even customize them. Here are our tips on choosing the right ski length.

Know What to Look For

By this time you ought to know the various parts of your skis. You should also be able to tell what a ski’s shovel is and what is its nose or tip. You should be able to tell where the tail, top deck, edges, waist width, and contact points are. Knowing these parts will eventually help you decide in purchasing the right skis and the correct ski length that should fit you very well. After inspecting all that you can now turn to choosing the right ski length.

Choosing the Right Ski Length

There are generally a few rules you need to remember when choosing the right ski length. The most basic one of them all is to pick a ski according to your height. Stand a ski up right next to you with its tail on the floor. The tip of the ski should stand tall in between your eye level until your shoulder level. However this is not the only factor you need to put into consideration when choosing the right ski length.

Other Factors to Consider

Skill Level: Another factor you should consider is your own skill level. You might want to buy a ski that is designed for one who is a bit more skilled than you are now. This will eventually help your skills advance. Don’t immediately buy one that is designed for the pros if you’re a beginner. You’ll be spending most of your time figuring out how to work your skis instead of putting your time and effort learning how to ski.

Surface to Ski on: All skis will basically work on any surface however you’ll also find skis that are specifically designed to perform better on a specific surface. Choose the right ski designed for a well-groomed pistes if you’re just going to ski on resorts. Buy backcountry skis if you plan to ski mostly on the back country.

Your Weight: Your own weight will also help choosing the right ski length. A heavier skier will have no problem turning larger and longer skis. Lighter people will require skis that are very responsive to make those turns a lot easier.