What Qualities Should a Good Parent Possess?

Raising kids isn’t easy and it can be stressful. Here are some qualities of good parents that you might want to apply in your own case. These may be prove helpful.


When dealing with children (or even a single child), this is needed. For very young kids, you must be willing to put up with some naughty and stubborn behavior. Telling a seven year old not to play with those glass jars doesn’t mean he / she will listen. You’ll have to keep repeating this. Getting angry isn’t going to help.

Listen to Them

For teens and pre teens, even more patience is required. Yes it’s true that being older, they should be more understanding. At the same time, your role is still that of a guardian. Some of the best qualities of good parents are being able to listen.

If your son / daughter comes home way after the curfew, it’s easy to get angry. Rather than yelling, just remind them of the rules. Ask for explanations. Most important, listen to what they’re saying.

Sometimes children rebel because parents don’t pay attention to them. Even though you’re the authority, it pays to know what’s in their minds.

Open the communication lines. A healthy, loving family is one wherein communication is a two way street. Everyone gets their chance to say something. You don’t have to agree with it all the time. But showing that you pay attention and respect their opinion is important.


Other qualities of good parents are discipline and allowing for some fun and leisure activity. This can be a difficult thing to master. It’s too easy to become so strict with your kids that they rebel against your authority. On the other hand, spoiling them can also be disastrous.

Finding the middle ground starts by establishing the house rules. What they are is up to you, but you need to be firm yet gentle. At the same time, don’t be so serious minded. If the kid does well in school, giving him / her a treat won’t hurt.

Parenting isn’t just about teaching them how to survive in the world. It’s about how to handle stress. You can do that by teaching them how to have fun.

Giving Children Privacy

Among the qualities of good parents this one must be included. Never go into their room if the door is shut. Even if it’s not locked, you should knock.

Unless you’re harboring suspicions of drug use, going through their personal belongings can never be justified. Don’t poke into your daughter’s diary just to see if she’s still going out with that boy you detest.

The importance of this issue can’t be overstated. Number one, it builds trust. This is the foundation of a strong relationship with your children. Second, it shows that you’re willing and ready to treat them as adults. Once you have the respect and trust of your children, they’ll be ready to accept your advice more openly.

There aren’t any schools teaching you how to raise kids. You need to figure this out by yourself. But by considering some of the qualities of good parents, you’ll get off to a good start.