What Should I Know About Living in Arizona?

Anytime you decide to move to another city or state, several factors have to be accounted for. If you’re thinking of living in Arizona, the following data may prove beneficial.

Renting or Buying

The cost of renting starts at $800. It can go up to $1,200 or more. This will depend entirely on the type of unit and the location. Some of the more expensive places are in Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills.

The cost of buying can be as low as $150,000. In the more upscale locations, some houses sell for $5 million. The state is generally known for being a center for retirees.

Cost of Living

In terms of overall cost of living, Phoenix was ranked 7th among the major US cities. It was just below Chicago and above Salt Lake City. This survey was conducted in 2006. The cost of living in Arizona was based on total expenses for health care, transport and basic goods. Utility costs and services were also factored in.

Tax Rates

The local property tax rate is 0.6696. So for a $100,000 house the yearly tax is $660. The national average is over $1,000. The property tax levies are capped at 2%. The highest primary tax liability for an owned residence is less than 2% of the primary value. On average, the tax rate is around 1.4% of the market value.

Personal income tax hovers around 4% to 7%. The municipalities don’t levy earnings taxes. The sales taxes are set at 5%. Prescription medication is exempted from the tax. Equipment utilized for manufacturing is also exempted.

Estate taxes need to be returned if the gross is over $600,000. Those interested in living in Arizona should know the corporate tax is set at 9%. The state tax on gas is $.18 for every gallon.


April to September are very warm months. August is the only time it really rains. However the downpour can be very heavy. The storms are often accompanied by very strong winds. The rest of the year it is very warm.

Tourist Attractions

Its most popular tourist attraction is the Grand Canyon Arizona National Park and Monument. With its glorious colors and vistas, the Canyon is a world renowned site.

Another tourist attraction is the Canyon de Chelly. Its red sandstones are very deep. The shelters are still visible in the cliffs and walls. Those who are interested in living in Arizona can visit this canyon and see the Navajo people living there.

Another site worth visiting is the Mogollon Rim with its numerous trails. There is also the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This is one of the most famous churches in the state. There is also the El Dorado Hot Springs, the Hoover Dam and Jerome Arizona, one of the most well known ghost towns in the area.

Some of the other major attractions are the Tombstone, the Phoenix Zoo and the Tempe Town Lake. Besides the Grand Canyon, other natural wonders include the Montezuma Castle National Monument, the Petrified Forest and the Saguaro National Park.

The information provided for living in Arizona should prove useful to those interested in relocating to the city. Its mix of modern amenities and natural wonders has made it an attractive choice for many.