What Should I Say When Proposing to My Boyfriend?

What should I say when proposing to my boyfriend? Have you ever asked yourself that? You would probably feel a bit weird and confused on how to go about this.

As such, there are probably a lot of different reactions and mixed emotions when it comes to popping the question that would lead most couples to embrace a married life. Traditionally, it’s the guys who pop that much-awaited question. But what if the tables turn around? And you, being a girl, would want to propose to your loved one? Perhaps, you would ask yourself certain questions like “What should I say when proposing to my boyfriend?” or “Would my boyfriend’s reaction be something that I am expecting to hear?” or “What if my boyfriend says no? What now?”

Yes, it seems like a very daunting task to take since you’re the female in the relationship. And you would probably be asking yourself the question, “What should I say when proposing to my boyfriend?” a dozen times during the month, week, or day.

Well, if you worry too much about “What should I say when proposing to my boyfriend?” that wouldn’t help you in what you hope to achieve in the situation you have to face.

So, to keep you from repeating “What should I say when proposing to my boyfriend?” to yourself, here are some helpful tips that may come in handy.

First, be absolutely sure that you will be on the same grounds, the same wavelength if you will, so you would get the answer that you would like to hear. How to do that? You can probably give a hint by casually getting into a discussion of marriage. Tell your boyfriend about a friend’s marriage or someone you both know. From there, you may understand where to take your conversation and hopefully find the right words to say as you hear your boyfriend’s views.

listen for clues. From how he would react to your topic, you may gauge how he would probably react to a marriage proposal from you. In other words, what you would be doing here is to test the waters a bit before you plunge in and pop the question. If your boyfriend is a meek one, don’t just ask “Will you marry me?” or you might get him running in the other direction. A better statement may be “I wonder what we would be like if we were already married.” so that you can get more clues to his inner sentiments.

get the right timing. Don’t pop the question after a quarrel. Don’t even ask after a romantic night spent with your boyfriend. Chances are, your boyfriend’s answer would be influenced by what your boyfriend is feeling at the moment.

What should I say when proposing to my boyfriend? Thing is, if you really know your man well, and had seen him react to certain situations or topics, you may develop a working knowledge of where you should begin and where you should end the conversation that may or may not bind you in a loving married life with your boyfriend.