What Should I Serve with Chili?

If you’re thinking of what to serve with chili, there’s no shortage of recipes to choose from. The toughest part is actually deciding which of the food combinations to try out.

Red Wine, Cheeses and Potatoes

Applesauce always works well with chili. Adding some green peppers will give it that extra zest as well. If you’re looking for a drink to top it off, red wine is one of the best. Other foods you can try are potatoes. Make an incision in the middle and stuff it with garlic. After cooking, you can eat it alongside chili.

Others prefer to chow down on roasted potatoes. Some like to
combine the spicy flavor with some cheese. If you’re still deciding on what to serve with chili, try combining it with cheese. First fill a container with fried potatoes. Sprinkle some chili and top it off with cheese. You can use grated cheese and grill it.


There are endless variations you can try. Put some chili on green salads for a unique taste. For more flavor add some sweet corn. Besides vegetable salads, you can make citrus fruit salad too.

Try mixing in some diced cheese, cilantro, sour cream and plenty of onions. These spices and garnishing will help produce more flavor and textures. At the same time they can lessen the chili it it’s too strong.

Side Dishes

Here are some more side dishes for those still deciding on what to serve with chili. Finely grated cheese, onion and sour cream will do nicely. Any one of these will complement the flavors of the main dish. If you want something a little different, add some cornbread muffins to the meal. If you are having green salad adding some avocado is recommended.

For drinks, you can serve some ice cold beer. You can also serve fruit juices. The cold and refreshing beverages will be the perfect partner for these types of meals.

Appetizers and Other Foods

Get some potato chips and add some sour cream for the dips. A good alternative will be some salsa. If you want to make some salads, cucumbers would be a nice addition. If you’re still looking for what to serve with chili, you can always go with pasta. For desserts, brownies or cheesecakes will be perfect.

The great thing about chili is that you don’t need to prepare anything fancy to enjoy it. You can eat it with hotdogs. You can use mustard or ketchup but a better choice would be some spicy cheese dip. If you’re just looking for something light, enjoy your chili with some crackers and some salami.

Other recipes you can try are tamales or mixed salad. Your mixed salad can include various types of cheeses and also some tortilla chips. You can also add cinnamon rolls to your meals. You can try eating it with fried pork too.

As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from. If you’re contemplating on what to serve with chili, the recipes provided should give you some ideas.

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