What Should I Write on a Headstone?

A memorial headstone inscription should quickly give the best short background on the deceased. And this should be done in an affectionate manner. The following guideline will help the bereaved decide what should I write on a headstone.

An Affectionate Heading

“In Loving Memory of” or “An Affectionate Memory of” often starts a memorial headstone inscription. This is often written in script form with elaborate rounded lettering styles. This heading usually makes it easy for people to have thoughts flow freely on the subject, which often is difficult to have in times of loss. Especially when the deceased suffered pain physically and emotionally prior to death, a loved one often is undecided on the question, “What should I write on a headstone of one whose last dying breath was filled with horrible gasps to hang on to dear life? Such affectionate heading gives it a gentle start tolerable for the bereaved.

Name and Dates

After the gentle heading, the memorial headstone inscription is easily followed by the full name of the departed, in bolder letters. Then, under this, in regular font size, comes the date of birth and death. In one sweep glance, the name and dates give the onlooker a quick imagination of the life that came and passed away from this world. Such simple yet informative caption gives the impression of a life well lived without any hint on the agony of death. Bear in mind this easy, straightforward, and uncomplicated inscription when deciding quickly what should I write on a headstone.

Some Death Details

Some people would like to inform onlookers on a hint of the cause of death of a departed by living some clues on a memorial headstone inscription. Some would actually put “after a bout with cancer” or “a lingering heart ailment.” If the death was in line of duty, the caption could be made a bit heroic by saying, “who gave his life to save others on that fateful 9-11 event,” or something to the effect. Some who venerate their dead would want to make the valuable heroic contribution immortalized on stone when they finally decide the question, “What should I write on a headstone of my beloved hero?

Positions and Achievements

Finally, if the dear departed had a position in government or a prestigious organization, this may be considered when deciding what should I write on a headstone. The dead may had been a World War II veteran, a Gulf War hero, a valiant fireman or policeman who saved countless lives, president of a country or corporation, or was a known philanthropist.