What Should We Wear for a Family Portrait?

Here are some suggestions on what to wear for a family portrait. As you’ll see, the choices shouldn’t just be based on the cost of the clothes. It’s not so much the price tag that matters as the colors.

Colors to Avoid

It’s best to start off with the stuff your family shouldn’t be wearing. These include bright shades of red, yellow, green and orange. These hues can overpower the person wearing them. The viewer’s eyes will be drawn to the color rather than the person.

It’s also not a good idea to wear clothes with patterns or text. If there’s a message or intricate pattern on the shirt, the eyes will hover over there.

What Not to Wear

Other patterns that can be distracting are polka dots and assorted stripes. When deciding what to wear for a family portrait, avoid showing too much skin. Wearing shorts and micro mini skirts should be shunned. The focus of the portrait should be the faces and those outfits can prove distracting.

Solid Colors

Solid yet laid back colors often work well. For boys dark shades of brown and for girls white or some other cream color will work fine. If you’re going to use patterns, try to keep it to a minimum. These colors also need to be subdued.

The collared tops can be of a solid color or texture. The colors you use should match the people in the portrait. Pregnant women can wear white or light shades of blue.

Dressing Children and Babies

When you select what to wear for a family portrait, pick simple
clothes for toddlers. Pastel colors (blues, pinks and whites) are good choices. However there’s nothing wrong with dressing them up in vivid colors. What doesn’t work for adults often does for kids.

Focus on the Faces

This can’t be emphasized enough. You can use props, toys and furniture to beautify the setting. But the centerpiece must still be the family and their faces. Don’t let the background or furnishings distract you. Keep this in mind if you are going to add any props.

Complimentary Colors and Clothing

By complementary, it means not a single color or pattern must overwhelm the others. You can choose to go all white or all black. If you’re thinking of what to wear for a family portrait, you can set distinct colors for men and women. You can also coordinate the colors of the children. But it needs to complement those of the other family members.

Other Reminders

Clothing coordination doesn’t just refer to the blouse or shirt. It should include everything. You should also pick clothes that you feel comfortable in. Dressing up in something that doesn’t fit will make you look uneasy. The natural, relaxed look always produces the best photographs.

Wearing trendy clothes isn’t recommended. Over time, the photo will look dated. Pick clothes that never go out of style. It will make the picture timeless and dateless.

Trying to decide what to wear for a family portrait should be about keeping it simple and coordinated. With proper planning, you’ll get outstanding portraits.