Why Should People Donate Blood?

There are many reasons why donating blood is important. Even though there are plenty of people giving blood, that’s no reason to think that yours won’t make a difference.

Helping the Stricken

First and foremost you’ll get to assist those who are fighting for their lives. So many potential life threatening diseases can be prevented by offering a pint of blood.

By giving some you’ll be saving the lives of premature babies. Those with leukemia also require blood transfusions constantly. Burn victims and those afflicted with anemia will benefit tremendously.

Emergency Cases

This doesn’t even factor in those that are needed when calamity strikes. That is why donating blood is important. They don’t just give them out to sick and waiting patients.

When earthquakes or another natural disaster strikes, the need for blood suddenly goes up. If the supply is only limited to those waiting patients, what will happen to calamity victims? That’s why the supply always needs to be replenished.

Helping Strangers and Loved Ones

This act of charity may not seem much, but it makes all the difference in the world. You’re doing your part in helping strangers get a second chance at life. You may get to know some of them. Often you and the recipient may never meet. But you can be sure that blood donors like yourself are always in their thoughts and prayers.

Another reason why donating blood is important is that you could end up helping your friends too. No one knows when disaster will strike and who will be afflicted. The blood you give could end up saving the life of someone you know. It could be a friend or relative.

Saving Yourself

Of course, it can happen that the life you save is your own. This isn’t something that blood donors always think about. However the possibility is there.

There are other health benefits. Before giving blood you’ll undergo a checkup. This ensures that you’re healthy enough to donate. If you’re in shape, that’s good news. If not, at least you know the situation. You can go to a doctor to have a medical checkup.


Even though they know why donating blood is important, some hesitate due to some misconceptions. One of the most common is that you could get a disease through the use of needles. This can’t happen as the needles utilized are disposable and absolutely clean.

Another myth is that their blood type is rare and won’t be needed. The opposite is the truth. The rarer the type, the more it’s required. Patients in need of rare types often exceed the supply.

The bottom line is that all blood types are needed. It only takes a few minutes of your time. Most will take no longer than 10 minutes. Yet that can spell the difference between life and death for someone.

Now that you know why donating blood is important, it’s time you give some. You won’t get paid, nor get a medal. But giving someone hope and another chance at living is a priceless gift.