How Much Should a Teenager Weigh

Adolescence is the time when almost everything in a teenager’s life go to extremes. This is from moods, to physique, to appetites, to body changes and weight. Most of the time, it’s how much should a teenager weigh that concerns them. So, what’s the adolescence ideal weight—or is there such a thing?

The Accepted Standard Weight

Some people say there should be a standard weight for teenagers. The usual procedure is to assign an ideal 100 pounds for a height of 5 feet. The idea is that, most teenagers are 5 feet tall or higher, adolescence being a time when height growth tends to become overactive. Thus, how much should a teenager weigh at 5 feet tall is 100 pounds. Adolescence ideal weight is further determined, says this theory, by adding 5 pounds per inch exceeding 5 feet. Thus, if an adolescent stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, the ideal weight is 130 pounds (6 inches multiplied by 5 pounds).

Body Build and Composition

The above standard is widely accepted. However, there are some instances when such weighing procedure does not offer accurate results on how much should a teenager weigh. Some athletic adolescents weigh heavier due to their bulky muscle composition and may appear to be overweight with this standard weighing. Muscles weigh heavier than fats. Thus, a young man with flabby fats weighing 160 pounds at a 5-foot 6-inch height is overweight while a muscle-packed athletic young man with the same height and weight is not. Adolescence ideal weight should consider body build and composition.

Body Development Pace

Puberty should also be taken into consideration. Not all adolescents grow at the same pace. Some grow faster than others. Young females, for instance, often grow faster than their male counterparts. Girls at puberty usually have faster hormone growth. Thus, at 13 to 15 years of age, girls seem to outdo boys in physical changes. They are often taller and more developed in body shape and weight. At 16 to 20, however, most boys easily catch up or grow more. The body can grow to 10 inches before adulthood comes. So, how much should a teenager weigh? It depends on several factors—build, frame, growth timing, eating habits, and puberty, among others.

The Sure Weight Standard

To get the right and healthy standard on how much should a teenager weigh, always consult a medical and health expert. Adolescence ideal weight is dependent on many factors. There is no one sure formula to determine how much a teenager should weigh. Adolescents have different body compositions and thus each should get a specific standard from their physicians.