How Much Should I Spend on a Wedding Gift

A wedding is a meaningful ceremony that celebrates the bond between two people. Therefore, it has served as a gathering for friends and families who want to share the happiness of the event with the bride and groom. Of course, after sharing their happiness with wonderful food and unforgettable company, guests often feel obliged to provide wedding presents as a way to accompany the bride and groom in their new life together.

Therefore this raises the issue of gift giving wherein one always asks to oneself, “How much should I spend on a wedding gift?” Surely people are always faced with the uncertainty on the value of the gift they are going to give.

As a first tip to your question on how much should I spend on a wedding gift, keep in mind that you should remember about what the couple would like or need as they start ahead. Such things are often found in the registry, which is a list of items written on the invitation that the couple wants to receive as wedding gifts.

Now that you are aware of what the couple wants as a wedding gift, your question on how much should I spend on a wedding gift can be answered based on the items on their registry that your budget is able to meet. You can always browse the different brands or types of that item as a next step to choosing the gift that you can afford to buy.

Choosing the right brand or type of that particular item will help you answer your question on how much should I spend on a wedding gift. The wedding gift that you have chosen need not be the most expensive of its kind, but again, something you can afford. Usually, gift items for newly-weds that are commonly found in the registry can set you back as much as $100, but there are cheaper versions of the same kind at below $60. An affordable budget for a wedding gift is usually below $60 where guests can find something that is presentable and of good quality. But for those who are willing to save more it is best to attach something personal or unique like an old family recipe or an antique decorative piece for the couple’s new house. Another option is to split the expenses with a friend to create a bigger budget and wider choices.

The answer to your question on how much should I spend on a wedding gift is this: it entirely depends on how much you can afford. Giving a gift that that the newly-weds know you cannot afford is not only impractical, it is also inappropriate. Remember that meaningful wedding gifts are given from the heart, and not necessarily from the pocket.