How Much Water Should a Person Drink Per Day

When asked how much water to drink, the usual answer is six to eight glasses per day. That’s a good estimate. However, there are other concerns that you need to factor in.

Determine Your Weight

Your weight should help you figure out how much you need to consume. Let’s say you weigh about 120 lbs. Cut this in half. You’ll end up with 60. In other words, 60 ounces is what you need to take in. This is irregardless of your age, height or sex.

For Those Who Exercise Regularly

The figure above is also a general guideline. It assumes that you engage in minimal or no exercise. This is needed because the energy you expend at work will drain your body of energy. In determining how much water to drink, your workout rate should be assessed too.

If you exercise regularly, you need more water. First divide your weight as indicated. Now add at least eight more ounces. This is the bare minimum. In fact it’s a good idea to drink every now and then as you exercise. There’s no need to wait for your workout to finish. Drinking at regular intervals will keep your energy level up.

Some like to drink at 30 minute intervals. You can try this approach, but if you feel like drinking more, do it. The more strenuous the activities, the better it’ll be for you. As you think of how much water to drink, the rigorousness of your workouts need to be considered.

For Alcohol Drinkers

Most hangover cures involve drinking water. In truth you should be drinking water and alcohol in equal amounts. This helps limit the negative effects of alcohol in your body. It can’t completely eliminate the nasty headaches, but it can help speed up the recovery.


Drink plenty of the liquid when it’s summer. In fact you should drink whenever you’re sweating too much. This is necessary to replace the liquid you’re losing. It also prevents dehydration.

During the cold season you’ll feel less need to drink. That’s okay, but knowing how much water to drink in the summer is essential. Try adding at least two or three glasses to your regular intake.

Spotting Dehydration

The most obvious sign is thirst. But it can also manifest in other ways. Lack of water may cause joints to ache. It can cause dizziness and fainting. A sign of dehydration is yellowish urine.

Don’t wait for this to happen to you. You should always have plenty of water with you at all times. If it’s hot, carry a bottle of water with you. This isn’t something you’ll want to bring just on camping trips.

Having one around will keep you away from those sweetened drinks. In addition they contain a lot of sugar and other chemicals. If you want something else, fruit juices are a good choice.

Everyone needs to know how much water to drink. It is such a vital component in the human body. We cannot live without it, so getting the right amount is necessary.