Should Pinot Noir Be Served Cold?

If you’re serving Pinot Noir, it cannot be cold. If it’s been stored in the fridge, take it out. Wait for 15 minutes to half an hour before serving.

Keeping the Flavor

It’s true that you can drink Pinot Noir chilled. However, doing so will take away its flavor. For the best result, storing it at room temperature is recommended.

If it’s not chilled or cold the full texture can be tasted. Take a little sip. Let the flavor linger on your tongue for a while. As you swallow you’ll feel the warmth go down from your throat to your chest. This sensation is lost when serving Pinot Noir cold.

Storing in the Cellar

Others suggest serving the wine at cellar temperature (58 to 62 degrees). Keeping the wine in the cellar produces the cool (not cold) setting needed by the wine to produce the right flavor. If you have several wines, investing in a cellar is a good idea.

Differing Tastes

Don’t be surprised though, if you find that some like this wine chilled. Some make a distinction between cold, chilled and serving at room temperature. Again most experts would recommend that it rest for a few minutes if it’s been kept in cold storage. However

there are some who prefer serving Pinot Noir chilled. This isn’t necessarily wrong. It simply reflects the various tastes of people.
Note: if your live in a place with temperatures over 68 degrees, put the wine in the fridge for 10 minutes or so. Take it out and let it rest for 15 minutes before drinking.

Aromas & What to Serve it With

The wine comes in various flavors. These include raspberry and cherry. The scents can be similar to mushrooms, while others are somewhat spicy. It can also come in a strawberry flavor. The wine goes very well with meats like chicken and pork. It is also taken with lamb and some salmon.

If you’re the health conscious type, the wine can be used with other fish and vegetables. It can be used with tuna, grains and several types of pasta. If you’re serving Thanksgiving dinner, the wine will be a nice complement to the turkey. It can be taken with fruits as well.

Producing the Wine

If after serving Pinot Noir you become interested in producing it, bear in mind that it can be difficult. While it needs cold climate, it ripens earlier than others. The early budding makes it susceptible to spring freezes. The early ripening exposes it to autumn rain.

The vineyard yields aren’t as abundant and some can rot. Furthermore, lack of pruning can ruin the grapes. It will make very thin wines. Fermenting must also be assessed closely. Being so hard to make, it’s no wonder the wine is costly.

Whatever the cost, having one at the table with your filet mignon, coq au vin and lamb chops will definitely impress the guests. Just keep these pointers in mind when serving Pinot Noir, and it should satisfy even the most demanding wine connoisseur.