Should Sex Education Be Taught in School?

Sex education is very important for younger people because it teaches them useful information and skills pertaining to important sex-related issues. These include gender roles, human relationships and intimacy. Because young people need proper guidance especially when it comes to highly sensitive issues such as sex, this subject has been part of the education system for a relatively long time. To understand it much better, it is good to know if sex education should be taught in schools.

The Importance of Sex Education

Should sex education be taught in schools? The answer is yes, especially with the ever-increasing number of people having unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS. More importantly, it helps awaken the minds of these young people about the importance of sexual health. Furthermore, it also informs them about highly important and sensitive issues such as the alternative methods of contraception, emotional aspects of maturation and reproductive process. More so, it helps reduce the incidence of unplanned pregnancies.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

As part of the program, sex education aims to correct the risky sexual practices of the younger people. It enlightens them about issues like the use of drugs or intake of alcoholic beverages before sex. In order to promote sexual health, this program teaches students how to be responsible about their sexual life. Add to that, it also helps them develop skills for the improvement of interpersonal relationships. Of course, students are taught almost everything they need and want to know about human sexuality.

This subject has a huge impact on the youth of today. It continues to reinforce the appropriate values, enhance their interpersonal skills and improve their knowledge concerning sexual issues. Schools continue to improve their sex education programs by adopting alternative methods of teaching the subject. In order to relay all-important sex education messages, they use educational videos. These videos aim to open the mind of students about sexual health, which can help them prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease.

Educational videos also inform students about the right way of responding to peer pressure. They are taught how to refuse and be assertive in their beliefs about sex. Additionally, these videos also help improve the decision-making skills of teenagers. There are videos that emphasize the problem of mixing sexual activity with the use of drugs or alcohol. Another highly effective method of teaching students about sexuality is the so-called teen theater sex education, which is widely used in various parts of the United States.